Mallinckrodt—the maker of Acthar Gel—provides reimbursement assistance and the resources you need to educate yourself, your staff, and parents or caregivers on the use of Acthar Gel for IS. In particular, injection training is available to assist parents and caregivers with the administration of Acthar Gel.

The pages in this section of the website contain convenient resources for you and your patients.


Helpful Resources

Take the guesswork out of dosing Acthar Gel for IS

From per-injection volume to number of vials, our calculator simplifies the process.

Acthar Referral Form

Download, complete, and fax the Referral Form to order Acthar Gel for your appropriate patients.

Stop IS across all etiologies2,3

Efficacious in symptomatic (including TS) and cryptogenic IS cases.2,3