Injection Support Tools

While your patients’ family members will receive injection training before hospital discharge, they may benefit from a refresher when they get home. Share the video below to help guide them through a step-by-step treatment walk-through.

You can also download the Step-by-Step Injection Training Guide PDF (available in English and Spanish) now to share information about preparation, injection, and storage and disposal.

Injecting at Home

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  1. 6 Injecting at Home02:14
  2. 1 Getting Ready03:26
  3. 2 Preparing the Materials02:15
  4. 3 Preparing the Injection01:48
  5. 4 The Injection03:08
  6. 5 After the Injection02:52
  7. 6 Important Safety Information05:06

Materials Organization Mat

This mat was created to help parents and caregivers get organized before each injection. It provides areas to lay out the 7 items they will need each time they give their child Acthar Gel.

Treatment Calendar

Encourage parents and caregivers to download the treatment calendar to keep track of when they give Acthar Gel treatment, at what dose, and where the injection was given.

The Acthar Hub

The Hub works with physician offices to determine patient coverage and manage payer-specific requirements, including step edits prior authorizations, Letters of Medical Necessity, and appeals.

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Helpful Resources

Take the guesswork out of dosing Acthar Gel for IS

From per-injection volume to number of vials, our calculator simplifies the process.

Acthar Referral Form

Download, complete, and fax the Referral Form to order Acthar Gel for your appropriate patients.

Stop IS across all etiologies2,3

Efficacious in symptomatic (including TS) and cryptogenic IS cases.2,3